How AirBerth Works

Video - So Easy To Use

Video - Unique Advantages

Storing your boat out of the water couldn't be any easier.

The AirBerth Boat Lift System has been designed with minimum effort in mind so anyone can operate it.

The system is low maintenance giving you more time to enjoy boating.

How to Use Airberth - Step 1
Drive your boat onto the submerged AirBerth and simply secure the positioning ropes to your boat...
How to Use Airberth - Step 2
Attach hoses from the portable Blower Box air control, which commences the displacement of water from the primary floats...
How to Use Airberth - Step 3
Within minutes, the boat will centre itself, the AirBerth will shape to your hull and totally rise above the water...
How to Use Airberth - Step 4
Your boat is now safely stored and you can climb on and off the boat with improved stability.