How it works

So easy to use...


Drive your boat onto the submerged AirBerth. Fit positioning ropes...


Attach hoses from the portable Blower Box air control to displace water from primary floats...


Within minutes, the boat will centre itself, the AirBerth will shape to your hull and completely rise above the water...


Your boat is now safely stored and you can climb on and off the boat with improved stability.

  • Retrieving your boat
  • Launching your boat

The AirBerth Advantage

  • Increase speed and fuel efficiency by eliminating anti-foul paints on the hull
  • Launch and retrieve your vessel in minutes
  • Maximise days on water; minimise maintenance time
  • Quick, safe and easy to launch for quick deployment
  • 9 different models suit vessels up to 15 metric tonnes
  • UV stable Heavy Duty HDPE construction ensures AirBerth is environmentally friendly & maintenance free
  • Fits to most mooring configurations
  • No submerged metal parts
  • Isolates air and water for added safety
  • HDPE has a design life of 50 years plus

How it works

How does the AirBerth protect your boat?

  • Ultimate boat protection from marine growth

    Marine growth forms a rough skin on the hull, which in turn:

    • creates drag in the water;
    • slows the boat in the water; and most importantly,
    • reduces fuel efficiency

    Over time, marine growth especially barnacles can damage the gel coat of most fibreglass boats, making the hull more susceptible to Osmosis.

  • Osmosis or Gel Coat Blistering

    Raising your boat out of the water eliminates the risk of Gel Coat Blistering or as it is more commonly known Osmosis.

    Gel Coat Blistering or Osmosis occurs when seawater makes its way through the gel coat over time.  Once the sea water enters the lamination layers, it reacts with the fibreglass and cause expansion of the fibreglass and gel coat which causes the blistering to show.

  • Electrolysis

    Electrolysis is where stray currents, from an external sources such as an unearthed boat batteries or shore power, conducts through seawater to attack metal parts over time.

    Electrolysis will tend to occur in Marinas or where there is a high concentration of boats moored in saltwater.

Which AirBerth model suits your boat?

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