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How it works

Retrieving your vessel up onto the AirBerth

Launching your vessel off the AirBerth

AirBerth Features

  • Heavy Duty Construction

    The AirBerth® is constructed out of Heavy Duty, High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) a robust material with a design life of 50 years plus against Ultra Violet (UV) Rays.

    The only metal parts on the AirBerth are the fasteners which are all marine grade stainless steel.  AirBerth’s® clever design means that all the fasteners are above the water when the unit is raised.

  • Mooring Guides

    The Mooring Guides on the AirBerth® help center your boat as you enter our boat lift.

    Made of our Heavy Duty HDPE (High Density Polyethylene), this material is impact absorbent and will not mark or damage your hull.

  • Compression Pads

    The High Density Rubber compression pads spread load at the rear of the boat and prevent point loading on the hull.

    Each pad has a Shore hardness of 70 and has special cast in “Pad Lock” Washer, to provide a firm hold to the AirBerth®.

  • Ballast Control System

    Adding Ballast to lower:

    • Our snorkels are weighted so that they easily drop to let water into the AirBerth®’s main tubes.
    • Although water enters the main tubes, the AirBerth® won’t lower until such time as you release the Air Sealing caps.
    • Water then enters the main tubes as ballast to cause the stern of the AirBerth to lower first, then the front.
  • Ballast Control System

    Using Air to displace the water “ballast”, creates buoyancy.

    • Our blower box connects to the Air Control unit via two blower hoses.
    • Once switched on the blowers push air to start displacing water ballast.
    • AirBerth® maintains positive buoyancy throughout its operations.
    • Once the air has reached the Snorkels, bubbles will start to appear and both snorkels can be raised to isolate water from entering.
  • Ballast Control System

    Peace of mind when the boat is raised out of the water:

    • There are no valves on the AirBerth® Ballast Control System, so you can have complete peace of mind when your unit is stored on the AirBerth®, it will remain raised until the next time you use your boat.
    • Our Air Sealing Caps can be pad locked to prevent any unauthorised access.
  • Boarding Ladder

    Left your sunglasses on the boat?

    Our sturdy boarding ladder lets you get easy access your boat, when it is raised up on the AirBerth®.

    The boarding ladder also acts like a fender, keep the AirBerth® from going under the dock when it is lowered.

  • Hull Rinsing System

    AirBerth®’s Hull Rinsing System is especially designed to dissolve salt build up on hulls, from boating in salt or brackish water.

    Salt build up on metal parts or hulls can lead to an increased risk of corrosion over time.

    The AirBerth® hull rinsing system creates a sheet of water down to the keel to dissolve any salt buildup.

  • Portable Blower Box

    Our portable blower box is designed to C-Tick and CE standards for Electromagnetic Noise interference.

    Using 2 x 1200W motors, this small but blower box can raise the AirBerth® up out of the water in minutes.

    Weighing only 9 kgs, it easy and light enough to carry to the car or your garage.

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