AirBerth Success at Asia Pacific Maritime Expo 2018

Mar 16, 2018

AirBerth boat lifts have just wrapped a successful Asia Pacific Maritime expo for 2018.

Displaying under the AIMEX umbrella allowed AirBerth to participate with other AIMEX and ACMG members, which assisted greatly in accessing key influencers in the government and commercial space for South East Asia.


Managing Director Alex Chan meets with South-East Asia Dealer Guillaume Pichoir in Singapore

Managing Director Alex Chan, presents Mark Haller, AirBerth’s Exclusive Dealer for Singapore with a copy of the Australian Commercial Marine Group’s 2018 Capability Report.

“APM represents a great opportunity to catch up with our network of dealers and be able meet with their contacts to further their networks.” Managing director Alex Chan.



“We also like the fact we can meet up with key influencers in the region.”  Managing Director Alex Chan.




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