AirBerths added to the Mexican Navy’s Search and Rescue Fleet.

Nov 26, 2019

AirBerth has recently installed 2 x M730 (7,300kg) lifts for the SEMAR for its Search and Rescue Division in Tabasco Mexico.  These two units are in addition to the original two installed over 18 months ago.

These boat lifts raised two Safe Boat defender 33.  These boats are part of the Mexican Navy Search and Rescue Response Group.

“These SAFE boats are part of a growing trend towards aluminium style interceptor boats in SAR (Search and Rescue) operations.  They are light, manoeuvrable, and their low freeboard makes it easier to retrieve persons at sea.”

”The AirBerth is ideally suited to protect the aluminium hulls from electrolysis; not having to antifoul these hulls gives an immediate payback in fuel savings and economy.  This is why the AirBerth is the preferred system for Search and Rescue organisations globally.”

Managing Director for AirBerth Boat Lifts, Alex Chan.

Highlights from the installation:




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