Preparation for Extreme Weather events

Feb 22, 2019

There are number of things you can do to prepare for an extreme weather event.

Heavy rains:

Regardless of whether your boat is on an AirBerth® or not; heavy rains flooding a boat’s bilge is the number one risk during an extreme weather event.  Rain water entering the bilge can flood the bilge and cause water damage to engines.  In some extreme cases this build up of rain water in the bilge can lead to the boat sinking.

  • Activate your bilge pump continue evacuating any water out of the bilge.
  • Most importantly ensure that your covers are up and securely fitted. This will shield the bilge from filling up with rain water.

High Wind and Rough Sea Conditions

During times of high wind and rough seas, you can fit a storm rope from the rear cleat on the AirBerth to a front cleat or a cleat amidship on the boat.  This will stop the boat going too far forward with wave action and causing an Airlock during extreme wind and chop conditions.

With the storm ropes attached, you may fit additional securing lines from the boat to the dock to secure the boat.  It is helpful to think of the boat and the AirBerth as one vessel, when mooring the boat.

Leave the existing mooring lines for the AirBerth® untouched.

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