An AirBerth® service agent performs the assembly, installation and servicing of the AirBerth® Boat Lifting System.

This is a good way to add additional revenue to your existing marine business.

What is involved in a Service Agency?

Service Work

  • Towing an AirBerth®;
  • Control Side Change;
  • Boat Fitting;
  • Prepartion for Transportation;
    • Cleaning the AirBerth®
    • Servicing the Unit
    • Preparation for Transportation
  • Proper Lifting Procedure
  • Air Lock Recovery Procedure.

Troubleshooting Techniques

  • General Troubleshooting Techniques
  • Performing a Basic Leak Test.


Benefits of Service Agency

  • Recognition on the AirBerth® website as a qualified AirBerth® service agent.
  • Funneling of service enquiries from head office directly to you.
  • Full Comprehensive Training course on all aspects of AirBerth Service.
  • Potential to develop this into an AirBerth dealership, as you grow this aspect of the business.

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